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What makes the Baltimore Real Estate Investors Association right for you? Education and networking at our seven monthly meetings and seven cutting-edge classes. We are successful real estate investors teaching others to do the same. And we're not only a Meetup group, but we are also a full Real Estate Investors Association with a Meetup group. 

Get a free pass to your first meeting.

What do you want from real estate investing? Extra cash? The freedom to quit your job? Income for a comfortable retirement -- at any age? Baltimore REIA has you covered.

What make Baltimore REIA different?
Unlike slick speakers who breeze into town, sell you expensive programs, and then leave, the folks at Baltimore REIA are always here for you.

Our team of meeting leaders and class instructors are full-time real estate investors. They know our market because they’re doing business every day on the streets of Baltimore and the surrounding region.

There's also the good reputation of Baltimore REIA. For over 25 years, we've been helping people succeed and serving the real estate investor community in the highest ethical and professional manner.

No other REIA or investor group offers such a team to help you to succeed. We invite you to become a full member of our Association, not only our Meetup Group. Grow your wealth with Baltimore REIA! Learn more.

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