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Have you ever taken apart a simple Torch or a Flashlight (yes .. I still have one of those. Yes .. I do have the flashlight app on my phone and yes the actual flashlight is still useful !). However, If you did take one apart.. then did you ever wonder how many parts have gone into manufacturing that torch or for that matter any hardware device that you use? May it be a watch, a telephone, a speaker set, a ceiling fan or any device .. To answer the question about the torch .. I broke one and found out that it takes more than 20 different parts that are manufactured separately that are then put together to make a torch .. Batteries not included ! This group is not about a torch but about Manufacturing. This group if for all those people who have wondered or wanted to know more about conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing and productizing a hardware prototype or concept. This is a group which wants to bring together Product Designers, Manufacturers, Polymer folks, Electronic folks, Prototyping folks, Hardware and Electronic Divas, RPD or 3D Printing guys. So what are you waiting for .. Sign Up !!

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