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What we’re about

Update :-
Moved out of Chennai and to Bangalore. Hope to host some interesting events in Bangalore now and revive this group.
It was great making some great friendships, memories along the way with chennai-out-of-towners. But it's now time to host events in Bangalore.

Group originally created for
Chennai is the 10 place I am living in. It has been a while in Chennai now and I have started to enjoy things here as well but the first 3-4 months until I built a friends network outside of work was a little boring, frustrating :/ :( The motive of this group is to help new folks in Chennai to build this network hopefully faster then I did :) We can plan some fun activities and sight seeing as well along the way. Chennai has a lot of cultural heritage and is a good base to travel to other places in South India. Of course, localities are also welcomed to join. <br> <br>23/2/2015 : Added Aruni as co-organiser, as I seem to keep getting busier and not able to dedicate as much time to this group as I initially planned. <br>Hope to do something for the out-of-towners sooner though ;(