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What we’re about

Random IRL & URL Socials, Adventure Networking & Team-Building For The (mostly) Team-Less!!

Get out of your lonely office and into some adventure and brainless or brainy diversion.
Team-building fun and Friday beverages don't have to be just for the 9-5ers. 
Well, that's what we think at Battle Unicorns anyway.
Why "Battle Unicorns"? - well we want to be a bit polarising.
You’re not exactly normal - and neither are we!
If you've read even this far, you're probably a good fit.
We want to make sure we attract the driven, creative types out there;
The visionaries.
The dreamers and do-ers.
The hardcore warriors and start-up entrepreneurs.

The no-plan-B ers.
The corporate sandboxers.
The  "let's change the world"ers.
....and the quiet ones who think they're none of the above but who secretly feel that they could be one day. 
Come and hang out with other kind, driven, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs/creatives like yourself. Build your knowledge, be inspired, upgrade your mindset, do something different and make new connections.

This meetup is the spawn of the team at Maiara Coach. We just wanted to mix up our social circle, meet other people like ourselves and not be so serious all the time!

P.S If you'd like to host an IRL event in your town, click here.