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What we’re about

Welcome to California Bay Area.
New to California, Want to make new friends and enjoy the Bay Area. Join the "Bay Area 20s-30s" group and explore the wonderful place with us. You can join us for the most commonly following events which are:
1)Bar Hops at various bar/lounges
2)Outdoor Activities like 946 Billiards , Badminton and many more.
3)House parties, dinner parties, holiday parties, pool parties, picnics

Hop along with us for these events. Remember all you have to is RSVP to an event and enjoy the thrill to meet new people who can soon become your compadré.

These are the following have to requirements when joining the Meetup Group:

  1. Profile Picture is a must. Please note not inappropriate pictures are allowed.
  2. The member who is keen on joining must be 20 and over.

Please note when members who have joined the group must read the rules which include the disclaimer at the end. This states that the member is accepting to forfeit certain rights.

1. Any Member that as joined the group is expected to the event description or be notified of any changes made by the Event Organizer. No Event Organizer will hold a spot for you and it is the responsibility of the member to RSVP for the event
2. Active participation is encouraged as well as suggestion for new event venue and ideas is always welcomed. Inactive members will be removed and blocked from the group.
1. Inappropriate behavior, RSVPing and not showing to an event, causing an issue with the group members (Stalking, Creeping or causing bad drama) will be lead to removal from the group.
2 The Group base platform is used to meet new people within the area and create a sense of friendship and belonging. If any member misuse the group for personal needs such as trying start a romantic relationship by sending in private message they will be removed from the group.
3. Unnecessary spam of messages or causing a trouble to Event Organizers or trying to gain a follower with a group will lead to automatic removal from the group.

The above rules are a strict code of conduct that we expect every Bay Area Member (BAM) must follow. We hope you respect these rules to the core and follow them. Thank you for understanding and support for the group.