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The crop circle phenomenon has been going on for many years, a manifestation surrounded in beauty, mystery, intelligence and intrigue, and undeniably available. Something extraordinary is happening, right out in the fields for all to see. How can we approach this mystery? This world-wide phenomenon, focused primarily in the English countryside, is available to study through up-to-the-minute websites with extensive archives, research and exploration of many investigators, and our own inquiry and engagement with the designs.

The Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group gives a forum for this research with locally interested people. We have opportunities to learn about the sacred geometries and advanced mathematics encoded in the designs, as well as experiment and meditate on their deeper meanings. Through looking at the images of crop circles we share how these designs impact us, energetically and viscerally. We encourage each other's inquiry, and give a forum to investigate insights. Many possibilities are available. Once one can get beyond the "prove-it-to-me" posture, one is able to find engagement in the multivalent layers of meaning and purpose enfolded in these geometries and glyphs. Your creativity around how to engage is welcome.

For your own research and education, look at our Links page under the Discussions Message Board. Feel free to add your own recommendations for perusal as well.

Marién Grace, Director of the BACCSG, is available to give talks to your group or gathering on this subject. Feel free to contact her through this site.

The BACCSG meets monthly on a Sunday in the afternoon from 2:00-5:00 in Petaluma, CA. Special guests, slide shows, and lively discussions ensue. Become a member to be informed for our next meetup!

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