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9 Holes at Pruneridge Golf Club (Santa Clara)
Hello, everyone! One tee time at 9:30 AM. at Pruneridge Golf Club for 4 players under Kim. It's walking 9 holes. Let's meet out front of the Pro Shop at 9:15 AM . Green fee: $15/person

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Pruneridge golf club

400 Saratoga ave · Santa clara, CA


What we're about

Bay Area Beginner Golf Meetup Group

Our meetup group welcomes golfers of all skill levels who want to meet friends and participate in some fun events.

Everyone is expected to respect and adhere to our policies and to show up to events on time or earlier if requested.

New members must use their real name or initials and post a recent photo of themselves.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get golfers out onto the course while providing a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

For the more novice golfers, we request that you join us for a meetup after you have had lessons or have studied up on the game of golf and visited a driving range a few times before signing up for a meetup.

There are times when some of our newer golfers are paired up with the more experienced golfers to balance out the foursomes and to control the pace of play.

Although we are serious about improving our game and having a great time, we don't take golf too seriously. We hack around, have fun, enjoy the weather when it's nice out, and have no qualms about golfing in the rain.

What we are not is a teaching organization. We leave formal instruction to the professionals.

If you have never played before and are looking to try golf for the first time, please look at taking a lesson or two before attempting to attend one of our events. There is information in our "Discussions" section regarding formal and low-cost lessons, and we sometimes schedule basic lesson events through our sponsor, Fremont Park Golf Club.

We also do not provide equipment. You are expected to bring your own clubs (or rent them from the course if you so choose), balls, and other items required.

Where We Play

We play various 9- and easier 18-hole courses around the Bay Area.

Sometimes we will plan on getting together after the round for a meal or a drink. This is optional, so don't feel obligated to stick around if your plans do not permit it.

We are also open to suggestions for playing various courses in the Bay Area. If there is a course you would like to play, let one of the event organizers know and we will look to getting it on the calendar.

Green fees and looking for cost savings

Not everyone has unlimited funds to spend on our golf passion. One way we look to save on costs is through the use of coupons., and ( are some of our favorite spots to find deals. When deals become available, our event organizers will usually post a meetup and reference the coupon. The coupons are usually only available for a few days.

If you find other outlets for discounted green fees, or some other golf related items, let our organizers know.

Rules and Pace of Play

Wen you attend a golf event, you are expected to know the basic rules of golf, golf etiquette and pace of play. Information on these topics can be found through,, as well as in our Discussion forum. We do not expect you to know them all, but you should have a basic understanding of these topics before you step out onto the course.


Know that our attendance policy is quite strict. This is a requirement as we reserve tee times up to two weeks in advance, and we are required to fill those tee times. Golf courses do not like last minute cancellations as they make their money by having full foursomes.

When you receive notifications of scheduled meetups, it is not necessary to reply "No" if you are not attending an event. You have the option to click on "Yes" or "No," but you don't have to; you can simply delete the email without replying. Of course, if you RSVP "yes" then your plans change, you must update your RSVP to "no."

Do not RSVP for a meetup if there's a chance that you might have to cancel at the last minute. It's better for you to RSVP at the last minute than to cancel at the last minute.

* A no-show will result in the removal from our group.

* Last-minute cancellations are frowned upon. A last-minute cancel is if you cancel your RSVP after the RSVP deadline or after an Organizer/Event Host has posted the group assignments, which might be a day or two before the RSVP deadline.

* Depending on the circumstances, a last-minute cancellation can result in the removal from our group.

* Last-minute cancellations will be accepted for our "regular" members who have a good attendance record--until it starts to become a habit. Regular members currently with spotty attendance records will be given a warning the next time they do a last-minute cancellation.

Thank you for observing and respecting the attendance policy.

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