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What we’re about

**Please note this group is restricted to Indian women only, of all ages . We will monitor member profiles, and if we determine your profile is fake, you will be immediately removed from the group and blocked.

This group was created with the purpose of being a welcoming place for Indian women where like-minded individuals can have fun, learn from each other, grow, and continue to maintain relationships beyond Meetup. We are an active Meetup group and therefore, encourage all members to be active participants.

Meetup activities include: lunches/dinners, coffee catch-ups, doing artsy stuff together, cultural and ethnic events, visiting/ exploring different areas, community events and community service, happy hours, hiking and other outdoors-y activities, potlucks, and more! Please feel free to suggest ideas for a Meetup!

If you know someone who is genuinely interested in connecting with other Indian women who similar interests, they are welcome to be your guests to the events; however, please add your guest to your RSVP.

Please actively engage in events! I want to build a network of women who make relationships through this group. If you cannot make it to a Meetup, please cancel your RSVP at least 48-72 hrs prior to the event so that members on the waitlist are given enough time to respond. If you RSVP to an event and are a 'no-show' twice, you will receive a notice from the group. Failure to respond to the notice will result in dismissal from the group.

Please also note that every quarterly the organizers will be going through all members of the group and if there any members who have not attended any event/ participated in a discussion etc they will be removed from the group. As much as we love having high member numbers there is no point in having 'inactive' members.

Have fun, and I look forward to meeting you soon :)



- Meetup profiles need to represent real people hence your profile must include your picture and name

- Creating a fake account is strictly prohibited and if found the profile will be removed and banned from the group

Attendance Policy and Member Conduct

-No more than three no-shows are allowed if repeated no-shows and cancellations within 24hrs of the event is strictly not allowed

-When you join the waitlist, don’t assume you won’t get into an event. It is the member’s responsibility to keep up-to-date with their notifications and check their RSVP to an event

-Strictly no sending emails, or messages to other members to promote a business, or an event without the permission of the organizers

-New members cannot RSVP to potlucks (organized at a member’s home) without attending an event in a public space

-The organizers are here volunteering their valuable time and no behavior that suggests a sense of entitlement will be tolerated

-Gate-crashing an event is strictly not permitted

-No religious or political themed events will be allowed

-All events are strictly women only

-Bringing children to an event is strictly not allowed unless the event explicitly states that it is okay to bring children. Hence please do not contact the organizer or host to ask them if it is okay to bring children to the event

-Bringing a guest to the event is only allowed if the event allows members to bring guests with them. Members should only bring with them the number of guests they have RSVPd for anyone else coming along with the member will not be allowed

-Inactive members are not encouraged. After three months of inactivity, members will be removed

-The organizers/hosts are not responsible for your personal property at any events

-The organizers are not liable for any injuries, damages, or emotional distress that you may experience from these meetup events

-The organizers do not conduct any background checks (criminal or conduct) on any of the members

Financial Responsibility

-Events in the meetup group will either be paid or unpaid. If it is a paid event, members can only secure their spot if they have made their payments

Negotiating on the event price is strictly not permitted

-If a member is bringing a guest to a paid even, it is the member’s responsibility to pay for their guest and let the host/ organizer know the name or their guest

Meetup Member Fees

-All members will be charged a $5 annual fee. These fees will be used to cover the costs associated to maintain this group on meetup

-Excess amounts may be used to cover offset for any paid member events that are organized and receipts will be shared

-Any excess fees will be paid to a local non-profit organization and at the end of the year, receipts will be shared with the members

-As goodwill gesture, your membership for the first two months in the group will be covered by the organizer. After that period, you will receive a “Membership Due” notice. Failing to pay your membership dues will result in removal from the Meetup group

-If the member due fee is out of your budget, please message the organizer and they may be able to waive that fee

-Making payment does not mean a member can violate the meetup terms, as mentioned above

If you are a part of this meetup, it is understood that you have read, and agreed to these rules


Bay Area Indian Mahila