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The Art of Energy Awareness and Transformation

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Every person has been born with an ability to feel, see, know, and be a magician and a healer of an infinite power. Every person knows way more than they admit to themselves. They actually know all about the energy and what is going on around them. As an infinite and limitless beings WE KNOW EVERYHTING. The purpose of the seminar is open up a person to the energy awareness, to teach a person to become a creator of his/her own life and destiny.

In this class you will get practical skills of working with, and controlling your energy. Why do you need to know how to work with energy? In order to manage and improve your life, communication, relationships, health, career, business. But all of this is secondary. The primary goal is to learn to live without constantly forcing and abusing yourself, to live with joy and be happy, while getting everything you want.

Please come prepared for the PRACTICAL WORK. This is going to be an experiential, hands-on learning, not a discourse. The techniques will be given, so that you can apply them, without an effort, in your life.

Please think about the areas of your life that you'd like to improve, so that you are able to see how the techniques given, could be suited to improve your situation in measurable ways.

Price: donation based. Donations are not necessary, but appreciated. Please donate only if you felt you got something out if the class

The Class is going to take place in Rengstorff Park in Mountain View on June 22nd at 10 45 AM. Enter from the side of Esquella street, where it says: "senior center", pass the senior center and enter park between tennis courts. There is going to be an amphitheater in the redwoods. Please refer to the map attached.

Class's is given by Yevgeniy Aseykin, energy awareness facilitator and seminar author. More information about Yevgeniy an his system on his website:

If you have questions, please call Yevgeniy at[masked]

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