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What we’re about

Bay Area Tennis players are ready to have fun and stay fit playing tennis! From San Francisco to San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, East Bay and more locations.

Bay Area Tennis Players is a not-for-profit group of individuals who love to play pickup tennis. We use this meetup site as a calendar to indicate when we would like to play and where. There are no fees to participate.

Ours is one of the largest and most active pickup tennis communities in the US, with hundreds of participants every week across the bay. The nice weather an nice people might be why!

Our events are relaxed and easy going. We have all types, from beginners to advanced players. Play is based on court availability and player preference. You suggest and/or participate in events in various locations of your choice. You should bring a racket (though on occasion some people may be able to lend you one) as well as balls for play. A fresh can of balls is always appreciated.


We reserve the right to refuse admission or inclusion in the group or in any events, for any reason, that the hosts and/or organizers deem appropriate.

1.- Read. Always read the event description to make sure your level of play, location and interest matches the event.

2.-RSVP. All our events require RSVP, without exception. No-shows or crashing an event (showing up without RSVP) are grounds for dismissal from the community. That behavior is disrespectful to others (taking a spot and not using it, preventing others from enjoying play) are the top offense for immediate dismissal from the community.

3.- Profile. It's required to upload a clear photo of yourself so hosts and other players can recognize you when you attend. We want to recognize you in person. Inappropriate, intimidating or scary profile picture is not allowed. We also require that you use your real name. We meet in person. Our group is private, so only people in the group can see these.

4.- Behavior. All our play is friendly and happy with nice and courteous people. Polite behavior is expected from everyone at all times. This is a must for great play. Anything like bad language, inappropriate displays, annoying or harassing behavior or refusal to play with others (regardless of the level) should be reported to the volunteer host. Inappropriate messaging, creeping on others, inactivity, spamming, profiting (or attempting to do it) and being disrespectful to anyone (especially hosts), are grounds for immediate dismissal from the community. Poaching players for private play, for other events or groups is grounds for immediate dismissal.

5.- Courts. Violating court or community rules is not allowed.


Hosting. If you are interested in volunteering as an event host at a court near you let some other host know. There are no obligations. Only good humor, good people skills and a great attitude for fun.

Thanks to our sponsors for helping us run this group! They are

Swetka's Tennis Shop, the best tennis shop in the Bay Area (and beyond) and RacketLogger, a site to track your rackets and create or participate in flex tennis leagues. If you are interested in match play, for increased skill building, a flexible tennis league may be more suitable for you. Our sponsor RacketLogger provides flex tennis leagues with light competitive matches.

Let's play Tennis!