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Bay Area D&D 5e Adventure League group
Adventure League level: 1-4 (log sheet needed if above 1st level) New players: welcome (no experience necessary) Adventure: DDAL5-07 Chelimber's Descent Summary: Deep in the Marsh of Chelimber lie the ruins of a great wizard’s tower. SEER has received intelligence, which she imparts via her emissary Hsing, that deep beneath the marsh in the remains of an old tower is knowledge of older magics. This could be just what Parnast needs to resist the onslaught of Bad Fruul and his armies! Season 5 (Storm King's Thunder): All adventures in this series will be set during season 5, including hardcover chapters and individual single shot sessions. The intent is to create a continuous storyline that the characters can feel movement through. ------------------------------------------------- This is a ongoing D&D 5 Adventure League group. We have multiple games running every Thursday from 6:00pm-11pm at private residences and Game Stores in Berkeley. Each of our GMs is running a different season (storyline) and runs a game every two weeks on average. Players are invited to play in a game every two weeks (often staying in the same storyline, but may play in multiple storylines if desired). We have events that tie the seasons together in various ways. The group has been running for a year now, with players of all experience levels. Adventure League is set in the world of Forgotten Realms. There is often room at games and you are welcome to contact the coordinator (Josiah) to be invited to future games. No experience is necessary (you're welcome to bring a existing Adventure League character from previous play as long as you have a full Adventure Log to share). Campaign Website: Berkeley Adventure League ( Coordinator: Josiah Knight (Cell[masked]; Email [masked]) Note: Make sure to join and check the Facebook group to get invited to games, as this Meetup does not reflect whether the game is full or not. Facebook Group: Calendar:

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Join if you'd like to play some face to face RPGs. The purpose of this group is to keep Bay Area Role Players connected, to find other players and share experiences. Roll dice in public! Let's play more and better games.

If you're running a game (or thinking of starting a game), by all means schedule a meetup, even a vague "Anyone interested in Shadowrun in the East Bay?"

Members should be able to schedule, but if you're having trouble, let me (Adrian) know.

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