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This is a meetup for people interested in Bayesian Statistics, Stan, and related technologies. We'll have talks, Q&A sessions, and workshops.

Stan ( http://mc-stan.org ) is a probabilistic programming language implementing full Bayesian statistical inference with

• MCMC sampling (NUTS, HMC)

and penalized maximum liklelihood estimation with

• Optimization (L-BFGS)

Stan is coded in C++ and runs on all major platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows).

Stan is freedom-respecting, open-source software (new BSD core, GPLv3 interfaces)

* The image "Relative Number of Births" is courtesy of Aki Vehtari (http://users.aalto.fi/~ave/). The model is explained in Section 21.2 of the third edition of the BDA book (http://www.stat.columbia.edu/~gelman/book/) on page 505.

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