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Price: $10.00 /per person
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Denver New Tech Intro Aiko Cheslin (7:00)

Boogaloo Bunks ( - Caleb Polley (7:10 pm)

Boogaloo Bunks is a smart bed designed to improve sleep, safety, and sensory control for people with Autism, Alzheimer's, Dementia, and PTSD.

Community Announcements Aiko Cheslin (7:20 pm)

PurpleSlate ( Neha Mohta (7:25 pm)

PurpleSlate is an event platform that makes event management easy, fast and effortless from end to end via text messaging. We are bringing a paradigm shift from email-based event management to a mobile-first text based event management including sending invitations, collecting RSVPs, sending updates, reminders and chat. We make being part of an event easy and effortless for both the host and guests with automation and real time communication. With text messaging we provide 98% open rates and up to 95% RSVP rates, vs. 20% email open rates and 40%-50% RSVP rates, making engagement lot higher.

Hiring / Looking Aiko Cheslin (7:35 pm)

Fire Side Chat (7:40 pm)


Denver New Tech Close Aiko Cheslin (8:00-8:05 pm)

Networking (8:05-8:30 pm)


Tech, tech and more tech, but this time in Denver. We've added an optional donation, this money will help fund New Tech as well as other startup activities in the area. Thank you.

If you build software for any platform (web, desktop, SAS, Andorid, etc…) or offer services to the New Tech community (design, development, marketing, real estate, head hunting) add your company to the New Tech Map.

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