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What we’re about

Equipt is your professional development community to network, learn, and collaborate with professionals and recruiters through live online workshops and event.

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We help you build an engaging professional network and learn hard and soft skills from tech leaders and recruiters. We do this through live virtual workshops, meetups, and events on topics like resume reviews & interview prep, careers skills & product innovations, leadership, and more.

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Example of previous bootcamps/workshops:

Break Into Tech Bootcamp

  • Career Hacking: Successfully Navigating Non-Diverse Industries
  • Project Management with the Agile Mindset (Video Trailer)
  • Master the Code: Lessons from a Senior Software Developer
  • Lean UX Design: From Deciphering the Problem Space to Ideation

Example Facilitators
Jide Osanyingbemi - A self-taught software developer and serial entrepreneur, Jide was the CTO at Squareknot, an edtech startup that raised over $1m. He also founded Cultivr, a software development company, and platform where he has developed software products across multiple industries and companies such as Nike and Safeway.

Hubert Dagbo - Over ten years of experience working at global financial services companies, such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, EY, and Private Equity firm Development Partners International across the USA, Europe, and Africa. He has worked in investment banking, strategy consulting, and as an investor. In addition, he has helped launch eCommerce businesses across several emerging markets.