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What we’re about

The first & biggest volleyball group on Meetup Toronto !! And the only volleyball group with public events for all levels.

Our group welcomes all levels from beginners to competitive players. We have different skill levels to suit everyone !

Recreational 6's

Low Intermediate 5's

Mid Intermediate 4's (Plays with beach rules)

High Intermediate 4's (Plays with beach rules)

Advanced 3's (Plays with beach rules)

Please see the message board for level descriptions and Group Guidelines and Rules in Discussions/Message Boards/Group Must Reads

We play up to 5 levels and up to 10 nets with the occasional beach BBQ.

Leagues too expensive, not "good enough" for other groups ? Want to play a Competitive level with lots of other like minded people or want to play just for fun ? Want to play at the beach .. just you and 50-100 friends ? Regardless of your skill level, come out and join us. We have a perfect level for you !!

The small fee is used to purchase new equipment and fund future events. Fees are $5 per event.

 Equipment purchased to date and fees paid: 

10 sets of nets and lines

6 full portable systems

over 50 volleyballs (35 of which have been worn out)

8 sun canopies (4 of which have been broken by members)

10 years of Meetup fees

Total investment to date - over $5,000

We have to start early in the morning to make sure we get enough courts. We can also set up 6 courts on days where the beach courts are taken over by tournaments.

Members are welcome to drop by later in the afternoon if they have not signed up and if there is space (others having left early) then you are welcome to join in.

We will play Saturdays or Sundays (usually alternating) and occasional weeknights too

Please read our Group Rules and Guidelines before signing up for any volleyball events - (in Discussion/message board) 

Please only sign up if you plan on attending. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group. 2 strikes and you are out. Strikes only for team events and events with reservations.

Our events have had up to 130 members and 5 different levels attend. This means things have to be well organized and members are expected to follow the rules and guidelines or the event will turn into chaos. If you follow our rules and guidelines, you will have a lot of fun meeting new people and having fun in the sun.

Beach rules (for Mid/High 4's, Advanced levels only) - see the discussion boards

What makes us different than other Meetups/Groups ?

  • we want everyone to develop and have fun. We welcome all levels and provide feedback and coaching for those that want to improve and move up
  • in the higher levels we play by proper beach rules and enforce the rules (most other groups don't)
  • you need to "earn" your way into the higher levels. we do not allow just anyone to sign up for the top levels. this makes for better games at those levels
  • from a covid perspective we follow protocols and have limits on interactions if required
  • we provide multiple canopies for shade during the heat of summer
  • we can set up multiple nets even when tournaments take over the beach on weekends
  • and of course .... we are the 1st and biggest group and have been around since 2008 for a reason. Other groups come and go. We keep going
  • yes ... we have more rules ... but that means we are more organized
  • and yes ... the other groups keep stealing our levels and formats. Imitation is the highest form of flattery !