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Let's play some beach volleyball (sand volleyball) and make some new friends!

Please, please read the below before joining!

For intermediate players only. The format will always be 2 on 2. You are an intermediate player if you're able to play three touches on each side (instead of hitting the ball over right away when it comes to you) and if you have decent control. You by no means need to be advanced, but please note that in order to maintain the interest of those intermediate players that sign up, beginners will be asked to improve a little before attending another session. Please don't take offense if an organizer sends you an email after a session asking you to practice a bit more before returning. In fact, if you get such an email, feel free to contact Mark Hazelton, and he'll be happy to give you a few drills/lessons to get you on the road to improvement. This will help us maintain a level of play that is competitive and fun for those specifically looking for a meetup group of intermediate to advanced players. If you are visiting Barcelona and you believe your level is intermediate, please join us and you do not need to pay the 10 euro fee as we'd love to make your Barcelona experience that much better!

New members may join one meetup for free to decide if they want to participate in the group. After the first meetup, please bring the one-time 10 euros entry fee to your second meetup. The 10 euros goes toward equipment and expenses. Your 10 euros pays for lifetime membership!

Also the below is very important so that we don't end up with a dysfunctional group :)

Volleyball groups or groups for small team sports often suffer from people RSVP'ing but not coming or people RSVP'ing and canceling just before the event. Please be considerate of people on the wait list and cancel your spot if you are not going to come. IF YOU RSVP "YES" TO A MEETUP, AND DON'T ATTEND TWO TIMES, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE GROUP for three months. We will also prevent people from RSVP'ing if they have a habit of canceling on the day of play. Hopefully this goes a long way to ensuring people show up and prevents long waiting lists that all of a sudden open up an hour before the meetup. Recent research by the European Commission has proven that hangovers on the morning of a meetup are the leading cause of cancellation :-)... so try not to RSVP if you think a hangover is in the cards for the day of the meetup ;-) Lastly, please do not attend a meetup if there are no spots available (you must be RSVP'ed as YES). The ability to bring friends to our meetups has been disabled since member demand is so high. Just encourage your friends to join the group instead. When unannounced people show up, those that have RSVP'ed as "YES" end up playing less as they feel obliged to rotate or sit out to let everyone play, therefore people who have not RSVP'ed will not be allowed to play.

We often schedule meetups with only one net and a maximum of six people. Sometimes only four to five people sign up. As long as four sign up we are able to play! However, please keep in mind that those that show up on time can’t play until there are four players. So please be considerate of the time and effort that those who show up on time make and be on time yourself so that we can start playing. Note that if the same person is more than 10 minutes late to 3 small meetups (those with a maximum of 6 people), that individual will be banned for two months. If something out of the ordinary happens to you (bicing flat tire, metro power outage, car/motorcycle wouldn’t start, etc.) then it doesn’t count toward the 3. This policy doesn’t apply to large meetups (more than six people); however do try to be on time for those too :-)

Please add yourself to the wait list if you want to attend because if we get 6 or more people on the wait-list by the morning of the event, we'll try to arrange for another net in order to open up more spots in the meetup. Plus spots always open up the day before the meetup. If you're on the wait list, you'll get a notification that a spot has opened up!

Hope to see you on the beach to have some fun playing volleyball!

This group was started on Sunday, June 23, 2013 so as membership increases, feel free to contact the admin if you want to be an organizer!

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2x2 BVB Thursday 09:00 AM @ Bogatell - ONLY INTERMEDIATE

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We will play next to the Red Cross building. Please add yourself to the whatsapp group to know the exact location of the nets: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GWOqlET7IzW2FXoTxxQwu2 Please be on time, so you can help to set up the net :) Your first Meetup is free. For your second one we kindly ask you to bring 10 Euros. It allows you to sign up as many times as you like for life! All the money goes towards equipment. If anyone can bring a ball, it might be handy for the warm up. Paid members have priority over non-paid members on the waiting list. NO SHOW POLICY: 1. If you cannot make it to the event, please cancel at least 3 hours prior to the event to give others a chance to come. Any cancellations after that will count as a No Show. 2. If you do 2 No Shows in a solar year you will be banned for that year from the group.

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