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Fort Tyron Park Beagle Bash@ Sir William's Dog Run (Manhattan)
The Sir William's Dog Run in Fort Tyron Park (Upper Manhattan): This dog run could easily be considered the largest dog run in Manhattan, with approximately 1 acre of land devoted to two separate, fully fenced dog runs... one for small and one for medium/large dogs! The terrain is grass and soil, in a naturally landscaped setting with breathtaking views of the Hudson River and the Palisades. Public restrooms are available at two facilities within the park. See photos below for a preview of this dog run. PLEASE RSVP "YES" IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING! IMPORTANT: Attendance at this MeetUp event is purely voluntary and you do so at your own risk. By attending this MeetUp event you agree to hold harmless, The Beagle Pack!, its Organizers and its Members, who assume NO liability for any injury, accident, loss of property or loss of life resulting from the use of this facility, or traveling to and from this facility; nor can they be held responsible for the actions of any aggressive dogs, irresponsible dog owners or patrons, or any hazardous conditions at this facility.

Sir William's Dog Run

196th Street & Broadway · Manhattan

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