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We are a board gaming group in Bedford. We offer a chance to meet new people who share an enjoyment of board games. We're about having a bit of fun and spending an enjoyable and sociable time doing what we like best; which is ...obviously... gaming.

Come and enjoy your first meet-up with us for free. After that, we charge £2 on Wednesday nights and £1 on Friday night sessions. The money goes to covering our meetup fees, room hire and any spare goes towards games that can be won or used by members of the group. Tea and coffee is provided on Wednesdays and you can / should buy drinks at the bar on our Friday meets.

If you're not a die-hard gamer, don't worry! We have plenty of games to start you off gently.... and are currently running some extra introductory sessions to lead you in gently. Our regular members tend to bring a good selection of games with them...but do try and sign up if you are coming so that we can cater for the right amount of people.

We never play Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo or Backgammon ;-) Chances are however that if you like those, you'll be blown away by the modern games that we adore. We don't have favourite games that get played every single week as we enjoy playing a wide variety of stuff...from quick 5 minute filler games to complex all-evening strategy games and everything in between. Worker placement, area control, deck building, hand management, take-that, tile placement, competitive or co-operative...we really do cater for most board game tastes. Don't worry if you don't know the rules. They will be run through at the start of the game.

Any questions or worries? Just send us a message...we will happily answer any queries. We are a friendly bunch so don't be scared ... come and have some gaming fun!

Upcoming events (5+)

HandyCon 5

The Holiday Inn, Maidenhead

Our favourite board gaming convention is back in January. Its a great chance to try games you don't normally have access to as the facebook group helps bring people who want to play and people who own games together. The food is normally pretty reasonable if a bit pricey and you may need to look further afield for a hotel room if this one is booked up. There are quizzes, demos and silly games and large multiplayer games organised. There is always a fairly good bring and buy and a fair umber from the club are going. Tickets are available on the HandyCon website.

Let's Game on a Friday

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An additional meetup for anyone who has trouble joining us on Wednesdays....or for people who just can't get enough tabletop action :-D Bring along any games you have and want to play...or just rock up and see what other people have brought. It's Friday. Have a drink, relax and de-stress by turning your work brain off and your gaming brain on....and doing the exact same move that someone else wanted to do... causing them to wave their fist in the air and shout "Damn you!!!!!". So cathartic...we love it when that happens! As usual, any questions; drop us a message...we will reply.

Let's Game!

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You are welcome to bring any board games with you or just come and join in. We don't have any expectations of previous experience. We usually choose games from a selection brought on the night based on how many people we are expecting - so signing up early helps us bring games that will cater for everyone . Game requests are always welcome....just speak up in the comments section. Anyone wanting to play a longer game that will take all evening should mention it too, so that we can ensure it gets set up quickly and the players involved can turn up early. We will always have a choice of games available to play and hope you come along and have fun! Everyone is welcome to bring their own snacks and drinks including beer / wine etc. We will have free tea and coffee available. Please note the different venues and facilities available for our Wednesday / Alternate Friday meetups. Any questions; message us! We are used to it and will reply :-)

Game On!

North End Club

Stephen has managed to book us in to the North End Club for the last Sunday in every other month. Its a chance to spend an afternoon and evening playing board games! :-) Make a dent in your pile of shame! Bring along that game you love but isn't played often enough because there just aren't enough hours... bring lots of shorter games to play or just bring yourself and enjoy other people's games. The club has a bar with drinks and snacks available to purchase for some of the afternoon.. There is also a nearby Sainsbury's for when the bar is closed. There is every chance of me organising a large takeaway order for anyone who wants one when we hit 6 or 7pm. Use the comments for game requests if there is something you want to play but don't have...or to list what you are going to bring with you. To ensure that we cover cost of the room, I'll be charging £3 per person (or possibly a little more if we get less than 10 people).

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Let's Game!

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