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What we’re about

Welcome 🤗

What is the group's purpose? 
The purpose of the group is to make stable connection with others and have a platform and a community is searching for other people want discover more about them self, if you are shy don't worry, you can find people openly to talk with you. The purpose is to achieve together some goals, as publishing together, creating a real connection between us, supporting our personal projects, and more.
The aim is not only to shoot pictures, but also to join in a vision to talk about what we get in touch in this world, there is a lot of expression and communication behind Photography.
The camera is a tool to help us to connect with the world, with others and with ourself, what this group would be, is like an Open House for everyone who want really communicate something with others.

Who should join? 
You should join if you want be part of a group and you want to meet this people every week, taking pictures and sharing them with other for open discussions, be open to other point of view and discovering more about yourself.
This would be a place for people who wants to be part of a group and want add them skills and personalities inside of this last.

What will you do at events?

Walking, meeting new people, discover the city, shooting with models, seminars and workshop based on Visual Art!

Make sure to follow Beex all the way long!

I wish you creativity runs through you deeply 🌈
⚡️ Have a great weekend ⚡️

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