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What we’re about

Techno-optimism goes hand in hand with the makeable world. With the increasing presence of technology, it is also being used to change our behavior. Sometimes consciously by ourselves, and often we do not realize it, there was clear influence from the designer.


The field has been around for a long time. Just think of the blinking light in your car that does not stop until your seat belt is attached, or that museum shop that is always between you and the exit. Thanks to technology, it becomes more sophisticated. Why can not most people stop checking Facebook, or do some health apps work and others do not? What influence does the self-knowledge that all data have on us?

Behavior Design has a large research area where sociologists and anthropologists look for why we do what we do or how we can influence behavior. The "trial & error" mentality practiced by designers is the opposite. Design rationality, experience and feeling.


In a series of behavioral design meetups we bring people with different backgrounds together. Research and practice, online and offline. You meet people from different perspectives, because you learn from the multi-disciplinary approach.


The meetup is an initiative of the people behind Somehow and Both with a strong interest in this subject and inspired by more than one presentations at the 2013 edition of SXSW, we thought to start this meetups series. In these meetups we focus mainly on the design side, and try to cover all kind of views and aspects.