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RED 'UNPAID' STATUSIf you have paid your yearly subscription and see a red unpaid status please just ignore it. This is a new and confusing addition by Meetup. You might think it is referencing your dues but it is not. It refers to the individual walks. So if you're a paid up member, it is referring to the £1 you'll pay at the walk you have RSVP'd for. Though Meetup has failed to explain this, it can only be seen by you and no one else. It has caused so much confusion, but just ignore it.

Hello and welcome to the Belfast Dynamos hill walking group. I'm Andrea McKernon, a journalist working in the Irish News in Belfast

It costs £20 a year to join this group.

Each walk then usually costs £1.

Ways to pay: You can pay your £20 by bank transfer to:

Mrs Andrea Morrow Ulster Bank, Antrim Road, Belfast,

Account no: 12450235

Sort Code 980011

Or via PayPal http://paypal.me/BelfastDynamos (also with credit/debit card) prior to your first walk here (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=D8C2XBDD39MF8)

Or cash at first walk.

The cost per walk for non-members is £6

Guests of members pay £6 for each walk

You can pay cash subscription on your first Meetup

Unemployed people pay £1 per walk. So if you're out of work email me in confidence to avail of free membership.

I also waive the £20 subscription for people recovering depression.

Good sturdy boots/shoes designed for countryside walking and wet/cold weather are essential for joining the group so please invest.

I will refuse anyone who turns up ill equipped. Trainers, step ups etc are not suitable.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below, which will probably serve to answer any of your queries. It's quite an independent group, but if there's anything else you need to know that isn't dealt with below, feel free to email me.


Am I fit enough for the walks?

We do various grades of walk from the novice building up their fitness levels, to the seasoned hill walker.

I will mark walks EASY, MODERATE or CHALLENGING. Remember, these walks are only for adults.


Medical conditions?

If you have a medical condition ie diabetes, allergy etc please make the organiser aware in confidence.

Dogs are very welcome in this group.

Age limit ? - You must be 18 to join. The group is not suitable or designed for children.

What if I change my mind about attending a walk?

That's no problem! We don't keep tabs! Just update your RSVP. There's no need to write apologies, or explain and no need to text or call me as I need to keep my phone free for people who are lost or running late. However if you are involved in car sharing, make sure you notify your fellow passengers/driver.

Profile requirements?

For reasons of basic common courtesy to members, pseudo and plain stupid-sounding profile names will not gain online admittance to this group, so join up using something that resembles the name your mother gave you.

How do I get to the meetups?

It is up to members to make their own way to the meetups. There are detailed instructions and a location map of the venue usually supplied in details of each walk posted on the site.

Members who don't drive or who car share usually post up where they are coming from and get transport organised with other drivers in the group. You can arrange then to tip your driver. For longer journeys it's at least £5.
Please don't organise lifts or offer lifts unless you definitely intend to go on a walk.


Please use your usual worldly discretion when organising lifts or communicating on the site, and be careful of publicly posting your phone, address, car details. Every member can be emailed privately through the site.

Big fat no nos?

No advertising of any shape or form is allowed on this site either through profile name, profile blurb, on greetings bar or discussion forums, through the email facility or any other means. Walking it is and walking it stays thanks very much!

This is neither Facebook nor Twitter. We message each other with courtesy and goodwill at all times. Please respect this very important rule. Anyone posting inappropriate messages will be dealt with by me (by removal or PSNI). So if you are a member please don't engage in online exchanges with trolls (they may as a result get your personal email address) - leave them to me.

Dynamos subscribe to Leave No Trace



Read 'Pages (http://www.meetup.com/belfasthillstours-com/about/)' for a fuller explanation of the group.

Upcoming events (5)

Carnmoney Hill

Carnmoney Hill


Grade: Moderate 3 miles approx Welcome to the first midweek walk! We'll meet at the Knockenagh Avenue entrance (beside the play park) and take a stroll around this fantastic site. Great views of Cave Hill can be seen as well as the Ards Peninsula and Belfast Lough. The walk should last about 1.5 hours and is about 3 miles. Some short steep bits but mostly rolling paths. This walk is £1 for members, £6 for guests and non-members. Proper walking footwear essential. No trainers - only footwear that has grip and ankle support and designed for outdoor country walking/running will be permitted. I will refuse anyone who turns up in unsafe footwear. Carnmoney can be mucky so gaiters and walking poles are recommended.

Redburn Forest, Holywood

Holywood Care Home


Walk grade: Moderate Redburn forest is just a quick hour and a half-long dander but through lovely woodland. Don't use the roadside car park. You drive in at the NIEA signpost where the old people's home is, and park near the picnic tables. The wood ascends to a great viewpoint that looks over Belfast Lough and the Belfast Hills providing the land backdrop in the distance - weather permitting! The length of the walk is about 2/3 miles. The paths can tend to be a bit mucky in places and can be quite steep, but as usual we'll take it easy and get a breather when we need it. Wear warms and waterproofs and sturdy walking boots. NO TRAINERS. Follow the A2 from Belfast to Bangor. Redburn Country Park is signposted from the junction at Palace Barracks. Address: Old Holywood Road BT4 2HL. Click on the map and you can enter your location and get directions to Redburn. For best convenience use the Meetup app on your smartphone and click on the map link I've supplied. That will bring you directly to the location via your phone's GPS. Public Transport - you can get the train to Holywood station, but you'll need to post up for a driver to pick you up as it's quite a distance from Redburn. As usual, post up if you need a lift and someone should oblige. My number is[masked]. Ways to pay: You can pay your £20 by bank transfer to: Mrs Andrea Morrow Ulster Bank, Antrim Road, Belfast, Account no:[masked] Sort Code[masked] Or via PayPal http://paypal.me/BelfastDynamos (also with credit/debit card) prior to your first walk here (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=D8C2XBDD39MF8)

Lagan Towpath walk at night

Cutters Wharf


Walk grade: Leisurely: A night by the river! Please turn up in good time as we need everyone tagged and briefed for safety. This is an easy dander along the River Lagan with no big hills so will suit anyone with average fitness. Length will be about 3 miles. Please note: I'll be parked nearest the entrance to the Lagan Towpath near Cutter's Wharf pub. Wear proper walking boots as there are some rough, mucky paths. Google streetview of where we park and meet (http://goo.gl/maps/0UNxs) Use my number only if you're lost or late on the day. Please don't use if you're not coming as I need phone free for those lost or late. [masked]. We can head to Cutter's Wharf bar afterwards! Price for guests and non-members is £6. We'll go for a cup of coffee on the way back from the walk. Post up on the site the general direction you're coming from if you are offering or requesting a lift. See you all there! Andrea

Divis torchlight walk

Divis Mountain


Grade Moderate. Please be aware there are cement bollards on the ground in Divis car park so watch where you are walking - it's easy to walk into one. KEEP AND EYE ON THE FORECAST AS I MAY NEED TO CANCEL IF IT'S TOO ROUGH. This walk has a gradual incline with a steep section for 10 minutes climbing Divis summit. Walk starts 7pm sharp. Wrap up warm and bring your torch for this one! How exciting! Dogs welcome but make sure they won't get lost in the dark. Keep them on a leash or attach a glow in the dark collar. We'll walk up the level tarmac path and up to the summit of Divis Mountain where we'll see the lights of Belfast below and hopefully the new March full moon. Don't come on this walk without proper walking footwear, warm clothing and waterproofs. You won't be able to proceed without proper gear. Walking sticks/poles can be used. Those coming must take careful instruction regarding safety on this walk, which means every person going out on the mountain must stay with the group. Make sure you know where you're going and arrive well on time. Post up a lift request if you need it and someone may oblige if they're coming from your side of town. Use my number[masked] if you need it. Will suit those with a good level of fitness. Walk costs £6 for guests and non-members. Regards Andrea ======================================================== How to get to Divis Leave M1 at Junction 2. Take the A55 (outer ring), signed Falls. Go straight across the first two roundabouts. From dual carriageway, turn left onto Upper Springfield Road at the brown directional road sign bearing 'Divis and Black Mountain'. Continue for about 2.5 miles, shortly after the national speed limit sign, turn right onto Divis Road (signposted with brown sign and also a new sign for Standing Stones Lodge). The turning is immediately at the sign so don't overshoot the turnoff onto Divis Road). National Trust car park is 0.5 miles along Divis Road on the left hand side. You'll see the cars there. Ways to pay: You can pay your £20 by bank transfer to: Mrs Andrea Morrow Ulster Bank, Antrim Road, Belfast, Account no:[masked] Sort Code[masked] Or via PayPal http://paypal.me/BelfastDynamos (also with credit/debit card) prior to your first walk here (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=D8C2XBDD39MF8)

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Minnowburn and Giants Ring at night

Minnowburn Beeches Car Park


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