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What we’re about

This is the official group for the Belgian IPv6 Council. Yes... The IPv6 council is now also on meetup! The IPv6 Council has as task to create awareness of IPv6 technology to keep the Internet and its applications growing.

IPv6 is important! Why? Well... You will get to know all about that in our meetups! But before you join, you might want to consider these few facts:

• We have (almost) completely run out of IPv4s

• NATs and CGNs are breaking applications

• IPv6 is production today and many ISPs and companies (also Google, Facebook, Amazon...) are using it. It is a fact that the world is moving to IPv6... So, do not stay behind on an IPv4 island :-) 

• Belgium is leading the pack with 50% of internet users IPv6 enabled!

Some statistics:

Our website:

See you soon!