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What we’re about

Hello and welcome to the Bellingham Trails and Adventure Group! We are about getting outside, getting fit, and having fun adventures with others. We are open to anyone with an adventurous spirit. We have several event organizers. My vision is to have a variety of different events hosted by a diverse leadership team. I hope to see you on one of our adventures soon!

Dues for this group are $12 annually which covers the fees Meetup charges me as well as additional expenses. I hope this is affordable and I believe this group is a great value for your money.

While I understand life happens, when signing-up for an event, please make every effort to attend. No-shows will be documented and two no-shows may result in removal from the group. Late cancellations are also disruptive so please make every effort to attend the events you sign-up for!

Organizers in this group are not guides, instructors, or medical professionals. You alone are 100% responsible for your own safety and comfort and for the safety of those you bring as guests. We may give you our opinions on whether or not an activity is suitable for you, but the ultimate responsibility lies with you, as we are not experts. Certain activities may require other gear. If you don't know, ask! Someone can likely share advice or ideas.

Listed below are the Rules of the Trail. Please read before signing up for any event.
Your Lead Organizer,
Russell S.

Bellingham Trails and Adventure Group
Rules for the Trail

In order to maintain both physical and mental safety and comfort of a wide range of participants on BTAG events, be respectful of differences, and be good stewards of the great outdoors that we love, the following are the rules that each BTAG member agrees to when they sign up for our group.

  • Practice Leave No Trace. In addition to the obvious things like inorganic litter, this includes no leaving of organic materials like banana peels or listening to the radio with or without earphones. See link for more information.
  • No weapons on any events that take place, partially or wholly, within the city limits of Bellingham including the trails around Lake Padden.
  • If dogs are allowed on an event, all leash laws must be obeyed at all times, no exceptions. 
  • Passengers in carpools should each contribute to payment for the driver to cover their driving expenses.
  • On longer adventures, the 10-essentials should be carried at all times. See link for details on the 10-essentials. Water, food and appropriate clothing and footwear are essential on trips of any length.
  • Use of substances will be at the discretion of the trip leader, but if allowed, any use of substances should be respectful of the wishes of others on the trip and not to the point of intoxication.

Thank you for adhering to these rules so that we can all have a wonderful time on trails together!

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