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All dancers and styles are welcome!

If you live anywhere in Delaware or on the Eastern Shore of MD, thic group will have events close to you.

Welcome to all things Belly dance. Belly dancing is the oldest form of dance, having roots in cultures from the orient to India to the mid-East. We welcome all styles of the dance & dance forms that are related to this Art Form. Also anything related to the dance such as drumming or Henna or clothing. Here we are: professional belly dancers, students, teachers, drummers & friends in Lower Delaware & surrounding areas. Meet fellow Bellydancers near you. Or if you are a fan of the dance, find out where you can see a Belly dance show.
If you have a service dancers would be interested in. Contact us & we will pass on your information.

While events in areas outside of the Eastern shore are welcomed to be posted. Please refrain from posting weekly classes. As there are sites geared to these areas. The term Western Shore is used by Eastern Shore residents to describe all the counties of Maryland west of the Chesapeake Bay, but especially those of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.

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Intro. to Bellydancing at the Newark Arts Alliance

Needs a location

818: Intro. to Bellydancing
08/13/2022 - 08/13/2022 SA, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Newark Arts Alliance
Taught by Rebecca Sullivan, Ages 14 to adult

Come shimmy, hip bump, snake arm wave, and camel during this introduction to Middle Eastern dance and music. Whether you are brand new to bellydance, or just need a review. Wear any comfortable clothes and bring a hip scarf if you own one. This dance is often performed barefoot, but students can also wear flexible dance shoes or yoga socks. (Please, no outside street shoes). You may also use a yoga mat for standing moves.

Call the Arts Alliance to sign up or sign up online

Amany - Belly Dance Beginner/Intermediate

Needs a location

Tuesday night's class consists of beginner/intermediate technique using myriad of music from the Middle East. Music, zills, and veils are a big part of this dance form and will also be taught and explained for easy understanding and application to this dance. Write me for questions, the cost, and to advise me if you are attending class at [masked]
Looking forward to dancing with you!

Amany Advanced Belly Dance Classes

Needs a location

Wednesday night's class consists of advanced Orientale Dance technique and choreography. One will develop and refine their personal approach toward this dance through: the use of props (veils, assai, sword), finger cymbols (zagots or zills), and folklore (i.e. Nubian, Tunisian, Saidi) in relation/conjunction to the form of Middle Eastern music. Development is geared for both personal or toward performances in public. Write me for questions, the cost, and to advise me if you are attending class at [masked] .
Hope to dance with you,

Hybrid Delaware Drum and Dance Hafla

Needs a location

This is planned as a Hybrid event.
In the event of bad weather or covid cases, this will be all virtual.

There is room for about 10 audience members at the Newark Arts Alliance (Right now you need a mask regardless of vaccination status, so please come prepared with one). Be sure to contact lorelei.dancer at gmail if you want to reserve a spot.

Live and pre-recorded performances will be broadcast from there over Zoom (there may also be some video performances from long distance performers)

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID:[masked]

Be sure to check out other events at the https://www.newarkartsalliance.org/

!! Delaware Drum and Dance hafla continues into 2022
back at the Newark Arts Alliance eventually

3rd Sundays, but not every month => 2nd sunday this time only
Performance haflas planned for Feb, May, Aug, and Nov
doors open 3:30
(show up/log on at 3 if you want to help set up and sound check)

$5 suggested donation (can be made online to the Newark Arts Alliance)

Drum and Dance Hafla events usually feature a 3 - 6 performances, some from professional restaurant dancers and some from students of bellydance, but all have experience. Both traditional Middle Eastern styles as well as Tribal, Tribal Fusion, and Cabaret Fusion will be performed. Sometime we also have live music performances.

Performances by other dance forms and musicians also welcome. Please send the information in the application to [masked]

More info: http://delawaredrumanddance.weebly.com/
More about the Arts Alliance and becoming a member: https://www.newarkartsalliance.org/become-a-member/

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Amany Advanced Belly Dance Classes

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