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What we’re about

Life is full of disappointment, betrayal and trauma that would blindside a person? Sadly it is a well known fact.
What we do with it is different from one to another.
You can dwell on the past with resentment eat your feelings to an emotional coma, in the form of a physical and mental obesity that keep you distracted yo-yo dieting and and even maybe yo yo dating. All So you don’t face life and deal With its pain,

...or take that power and fight for your health, self and healing. Easy said than done?

I agree, that’s why you are here. That’s why Iam here.We all struggle with motivation sometimes. And need like minded people to remind us of the goal.

I learned that changing a bad habit is hard, takes longer or as much time as the period spent engaging in the bad self defeating bad habit ( say emotional eating or hair plucking or inactive life style ? ... whatever it your “ torturous ongoing sin” you can insert it here...unless
You find something that makes you happy and no, not saying a new bakery or a Jew guy. A talent you want to sharpen, a language you want to learn, a place you want to explore, a passion!

whatever you are passionate about.
Take all your energy and frustration in life and put it into work, effort, make it art_ your humble powerful art born out pain.

Do what you are passionate about and do it like there is no tomorrow, because truth is as much as we forget, one day there could be no tomorrow.

For me that passion is writing and dancing; one I do alone in complete isolation, the other I want to share with you.

My name is Rubi, ( rabia )
I was born in Morocco and dancing run in my blood. Join me for an outdoor freeing experience, wear your sexiest ( sport wear ) and let the Arabian sounds of sharazade one thousand and one night vibes, takes you on a magic carpet ride or the soul, where for an hour you are no longer in frizburgh dealing with life disappointment.
You are connecting with your body through the music and reminding yourself you are f* sexy, smart, and spectacular no matter what life throws at you.

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