What we're about

Bergen Machine Learning is a forum for everyone interested in topics such as machine learning, data science and statistical modelling. The groups goal is to connect professionals through regular meetups with good discussions, workshops and practical exercises. We should share our knowledge and our experience, creating a dynamic community across disciplines in the western parts of Norway.

Grab the opportunity to meet your peers and join in!

We are now going to have more frequent events and are looking for presenters. This does not have to be heavy theoretical subjects:

• Exciting Python/R package/functions

• ML infrastructure, cluster computing, data streaming etc.

• ML on the cloud

• Applied cases (anyone working on something cool they would want to show us?)

If there are any companies that would like to sponsor a meetup, please let us know :)



https://bergen-ml.slack.com (https://bergen-ml.slack.com/)

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AI Learn: «Enable business model innovation with AI»

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AI Learn: Introduction to Deep Learning

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15.04.21. How not to fail at machine learning before you even begin.

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