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Berkeley Board Gamers is an open public board game group for adults that meets in and around Berkeley, California to play strategy board and card games of a higher caliber. These aren't your parent's boardgames! Find out more about the games we love to play.

The purpose of Berkeley Board Gamers is to meet up, play these board and card games, and have fun at public locations or at the home of any member who would like to host. We have members from all over the Bay Area.

We are always looking for new board gamers to play with. We are also happy to teach new games to interested beginners. So check out our schedule for weekly or monthly events and come play some board games!

We encourage you to join so that you can receive automatic invites to group events, RSVP to game nights (very important!), and discuss which games you are interested in playing and more on our message boards .

See you on Game Night!


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Hosting a Game Day at a special location?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Last summer when the organizers and I all met in one place, the idea of a full Game Day was brought up. We've since had limited events that could loosely qualify as "Game days", but we've not had a real, big, well-publicized Game Day like the Bay Area Games day or East Bay Games Day.

The primary challenge for me has been to secure a venue. I figured if I could secure a great venue our great organization and publicity skills could take care of the rest. So this weekend I think I found a great venue. It's a middle school cafeteria, and a pretty special one at that.

Now I'm just trying to figure out how to secure such a venue. Of course, I would ultimately contact the principal, but I would want to be organized in my approach. So what do you all think of this idea? Any suggestions?

You can see pics of the venue here:
https://www.boardgameg... (https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/505750/hosting-a-weekend-game-day-in-a-school-cafeteriaas)

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