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Berkeley Board Gamers Weekly Board Game Night (Jul 12th)

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Play board games with us at Eudemonia, the home tables of the Berkeley Board Gamers.

Timing Your Arrival and Getting Into a Game
For maximum gaming opportunities, we strongly advise you arrive early. Many of our members arrive as early as 5PM. Unless you indicate otherwise by RSVP, your arrival time will be assumed to be the event's starting time. If you arrive after groups have already formed up, you may have to wait for a game to end or form another group on your own. Because a game night involves the temporary forming and re-forming of different small groups over the course of the evening, you may find that timing your arrival is important for maximizing your game playing time and minimizing down time. If you do arrive at an odd time, do not despair. If you see someone else not playing while you are waiting for a game to open up, don't be shy. Ask them to play something! They are most likely there to play too!

Let Us Know Which Games to Bring or Which Games You Are Bringing
A lot of our members own shelves upon shelves of unplayed games which they would love to bring to the table. The best choice for them is often a game they own that other people want to play. You can help our game-bringing members choose which games to bring if you mention ahead of time which games you want to play or learn. Members who bring games should let everyone know what games they are bringing so that we can drum up excitement. You can post requests and info in the comments below.

When: Every Thursday 6PM - 11PM
Where: Eudemonia, 2154 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704 - Just a 100 yards west of the Oxford St front edge of the Berkeley Campus

Street parking is free after 6PM and most plentiful between 5:30 and 6:45. Several public lots (pay) are located within 1-3 blocks of Eudemonia. Check out this Google Map of parking in the area. (,-122.268068&spn=0.004158,0.007296&z=17&om=1) Major transit lines are within walking distances (AC Transit 51, 52, 43, FS and BART). The Downtown Berkeley Bart Station is just 2.5 blocks from Eudemonia.

Special! - Berkeley Board Gamers Game-Night-Only Discounts
20% Off Any Game In The Store!
On board game night only, simply bring a game you wish to purchase up to the counter and mention that you are a member of the Berkeley Board Gamers or the group and that you would like the 20% member discount.

30% Off Pre-paid Pre-orders!!!
If the game you want on game night is not out yet or not on the shelves, simply let the person at the counter know that you would like to place an order for the game you want at a 30% pre-paid discount. Dean will put the order in the next day and your game should arrive the following Monday.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Is there a cover charge?
None. Eudemonia is a free open gaming space, you just walk in, go past the retail floor, past the register, beyond the gaming computers, to the tables where you will find us playing board games at one or more of the very large tables in the back. We do encourage you to check out and purchase their merchandise.

2. Will food and drink be available?
Eudemonia has a posted rule of no outside food. The store does sell a variety of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. If you are looking for a meal, however, it's generally best to eat early before you come.

3. I'd like to bring and play a certain game, will this be possible?
Sure, please bring your copy! Members are our sole source of games, so you are strongly encouraged to bring something if you'd like to play it. Usually, our members tend to bring more "modern" games than the "classics" like Monopoly, etc., but you may find someone willing to play it with you. Enthusiasm and a willingness to teach a game goes a long way.

4. How late is Eudemonia Open?
Eudemonia is usually open until Midnight, but times can vary with the season or a change in policy.

5. When is the last BART train out of Downtown Berkeley?
It varies by the line you are taking, but if you get to the Downtown Berkeley BART station platform by 12:29 am you will be able to get on the right train in time to get home on BART. Plan your BART trip at ...

More venue info at: http://www.eudemonia....