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What we’re about

Are you passionate about film making? Are you a professional looking for new opportunities and challenges? Are you a film lover curious how to get started? If you have experience behind or in front of the camera, or just starting up with dreams and aspirations - bring your talent and let's work together to make independent films. We are a group of passionate film creators focused on development, creativity and production of film in Berlin. We also offer help, film equipment, advice and all that goes into a film project.

The purpose of our community is to :

1. develop ideas for films, either narrative or documentary

2. build partnerships so that films can get shot and 

3. building the team/crew and shoot the short film(s)

4. educate 

4. If you already have an ongoing project and you need help/crew, this can be the group for you.

We want to stress is that we are not here to select or have opinions about what type of films you want to develop, it can be of any type or genre. The more diverse the better! But we do want to get started and shoot as soon as possible so that we get to start working together and learn more together.

Not all of us will work on all projects, you choose freely what project you want to get involved with and in what capacity. The community will support and assist all projects and facilitate planning and meetings and also create our own ideas together with you. And for those of you who don't have a massive experience already - this will be an excellent opportunity to get down and dirty and learn by doing :)

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