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Thank you for your interest in the Transcendental Meditation program. TM is an easy to learn and practice mental technique. Hundreds of published research studies have documented the impressive health effects and millions of people have learned the TM technique. Our national network of centers staffed with certified instructors are qualified and experienced in teaching this very effective practice that both reduces anxiety and develops full potential. The first step of learning TM is a free introductory session. In this initial meeting we’ll explain what TM is, how it works, how it’s differs from other techniques of relaxation and meditation, and how you learn TM. Anyone is welcome to join these free introductory sessions. You can preview our talk at .

We hold these sessions at our Bethesda TM Center ( every Sunday and Monday at noon, Wednesday at 6:30 PM and every Saturday at 12:30 PM. To reserve a seat for one of these free sessions, sign up online at Or just call us to learn more about TM at 301-770-5690.

The TM course includes personalized instruction and a series of several 90 minute classes. After the course, you can take advantage of a lifetime of free follow-up and support, available at TM Centers throughout the U.S. For a full description of the TM course, click here:

While there is a course fee for TM instruction in order to sustain our non-profit teaching activities, it is our wish that anyone who wants to learn can do so. If you need financial aid, please inquire about grants, scholarships and other options. We look forward to meeting you and helping you learn more about the TM technique.

All the best,

Katie Grose, Certified TM Instructor, Director
Roger Grose, Certified TM Instructor, Director 
Bethesda TM Center
5504 Edson Lane, Rockville, MD 20852
Office: 301-770-5690

Top Choice Videos on TM: Dr. Pamela Peeke – If I Can Meditate, Anyone Can; “Quiet Time” Meditation Program Improves School Performance: Marines “Training From the Inside” ; Treating PSD with TM --------------

Location of the Bethesda TM Center: 5504 Edson Lane, Rockville, MD 20852. We are in a white stucco building that looks like an embassy, about half a block from Rockville Pike, across from the White Flint Mall. There is  free parking on the grounds. The Red Line's White Flint Metro Station is 4 blocks away. --

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