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What we’re about

Formerly "Lazy Ass Sports!" we've decided to change our name. It was a good name, but it no longer reflected what we were doing since we've been getting in shape from all the hiking we do. We've wanted to do more challenging hikes, and the title has been misleading for those who show up thinking that this will be an easier hike since the name was "Lazy Ass Sports." We also don't do a lot of other sports besides hiking, but I'm always open to it. 

Before you sign on to an event, please read the description. If you don't think you can handle the hike, there's no shame in waiting for one that you feel comfortable doing. It's better for all if you are safe. :) We're working on a rating system to make it easier for you to identify the difficulty of a hike. 

We welcome you to join our group with the understanding that fitness and sports activities are dangerous, and can result in injury or death. By joining our group and participating in our events, you agree to hold the organizers, event hosts, and members harmless from any loss, damage, or liability that may occur during the event or in transit to/from the event. Safety first, ya know.

Policy update (10/3/17): Lately we have had an issue with people RSVPing for a meetup and dropping at the last minute or being a no-show without changing their RSVP. This prevents people who may want to go from being able to because there aren't enough spots. It also makes us wait for people and prevents us from starting the adventure at the time we planned to. In order to prevent this, we will only wait 10 minutes beyond our meetup time for arrivals. If you no-show or drop at the last minute twice, you're being removed from the group. Please keep this in mind for the future. Thanks!