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What we’re about


Maybe you’re a barefooter from childhood and you only wear shoes when absolutely required. Maybe, like me, you have lived most of your life in shoes and have only recently started to discover the joys of a nelipot (barefoot) lifestyle. Maybe you haven’t even started down this road yet, but you are interested and willing to give it a shot.

If so, this group may be a good fit for you. Our goal is to offer the following:

  • A place to discover, renew, or practice the joys of a more barefoot lifestyle.
  • Varied activities/events for all levels of barefooters.
  • A place to share information and offer mutual encouragement.
  • A place to continue to develop new barefooting skills.

Realizing that simply the term “barefoot” already narrows the field of potential members quite a bit, for now I have to narrow it a little more. Most of the events I host will be oriented around walking, hiking, backpacking, and camping. However, I will gladly encourage and assist interested members to create their own events around activities like dining, dancing, shopping, or other fun possibilities, and I may host one or two alternate activities per month, especially in the winter.

Please be advised that ALL participants in an event will be expected to be barefoot for at least part of the event. Beginner events will be 100 percent barefoot throughout the event. More advanced events will allow for footwear as needed to help with strenuous or rough sections, and / or feet that are still a little weak or tender.


Our focus is to encourage people to enjoy barefooting as much as possible and build friendships among people who share the belief that being barefoot is simply enjoyable and healthful.

As such, this is not the venue for sexual or fetish matters and we are not a dating service. If either of these is the basis of your interest in the group, please look elsewhere. Any attempt to communicate inappropriately to the group list, privately to members, or at events will result in appropriate action from BASC leadership.

For better or worse, many barefooters tend to chafe at societal boundaries. This can be good, as healthy societies need people who question norms and standards. However, when it comes to BASC events, all members are expected to comply with applicable laws and regulations. this applies to everything from drugs to weapons to pets. 'Nuff said.