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What we’re about

Seattle Bhakti Yoga Circle gathers for kirtan, philosophical discourse, dancing, meditation, social outreach, self improvement  and spiritual refreshments. Guest speakers, dancers and kirtaniya musicians are featured attractions. Everyone is invited to share their realizations, questions, and special gifts.

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of love and devotion, in which everything we do is offered as an act of selfless sacrifice to the source of our being, known by different names in different faiths and wisdom traditions.  This type of yoga is for everyone, no matter what kind of background, philosophical inclinations or spirituality exists, as modern lifestyles can easily be dovetailed with these practices. We recommend clean, modest and comfortable attire for these gatherings since people will be dancing and sitting in a circle on floor cushions (chairs are available).

If you are searching for peace of mind, pathways to higher consciousness, information from the ancient teachings of India (the Vedas), and relief from the miseries of material existence, bhakti yoga offers a simple, practical and sublime method for activating spiritual awareness in harmony with current trends of living. The maha mantra (chanted both in kirtan to music and as a quiet meditation technique) can rapidly unlock vast reservoirs of blissful energy hidden in a dormant state within the practitioner. In this way, one can advance in the art of living and improve inner perception, social dealings, and both material and spiritual health.