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What we’re about

Bi-W-Hitched is a friendship-focused, social and supportive group. Originally created primarily for attached or married women who identify as bi-curious/bisexual, these days our group has blossomed into a place where you can find friends who'll embrace your past relationships, current set up and future hopes! In the years we've been going, our members have carved out some pretty interesting paths which ultimately have led them to a more authentic way of life. 
We welcome all women (cis, trans) and non-binary people, regardless of relationship status. This is a place where you won't be judged for your relationship status or choices. We want everyone who comes along to feel they can be absolutely themselves.
We aim to provide a safe space where people can make real friends, express themselves and come to terms with their sexuality in a non-judgemental atmosphere, while having as much fun as possible! 
Most events will be kept to relatively small numbers so that attendees get a real opportunity to get to know each other. Your involvement, comments, feedback and reviews will help to make this group a success, so please get involved.
Suggestions on events and socials are actively encouraged.
Welcome to the group!
Group etiquette:
- If you RSVP an event and can no longer attend, please ensure you update your RSVP accordingly, even if it's the last minute. This is important as we like to look out for our members as they arrive.
- You've joined, so let us meet you! If you would love to come but feel nervous about taking the first step, feel free to message me (Caroline - she/her) personally - I'll do my best to put you at ease.
- Please be respectful of each other's journeys. While some are confident in their sexuality, others are just trying to understand what's going on for them. Some of our members are looking for friendship, others more - please be sensitive in your interactions.