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What we’re about

There are meet-ups and there are meet-ups!

So, why add another meet-up? Well, we felt that it’s time that there should be a meet-up wholly dedicated to all things around “ Big Data” & “ Cloud Computing”.

Mankind has never seen so much data as it is seeing today; Big Data is a serious challenge for all businesses, small and big. Cloud Computing technologies are changing the way we conceptualize, design & develop business solutions. These two buzzwords need to lose their “buzz” status and become real technical domains with its own set of best practices, frameworks and industry solutions – understood, practiced and cherished by all!

Thus, taking “Big Data” & “Cloud Computing" out of the “buzz” realm and placing it firmly in the “evolutionary technology” realm, we created this meet-up to help, educate and de-mystify these technologies to businesses, professionals and individuals.

Join the meet-up, which would initially be around South Bay Area and contribute to the "Big Data” & “Cloud Computing” revolution!

Big Data Cloud Inc.
A not-for-profit Organization for Evangelizing & Training around Big Data & Cloud Technologies.
Founded & Operated by Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions LLC.