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What weโ€™re about

Hi Everyone!

Featuring mostly Bigdaddy Yacht, this is the gateway to premium experience to a Dubai Yacht Party.

The yacht features unlimited beverages, DJ playing music (each time different) and various types of snacks and finger food.
But a part from this is the selected crowd that makes difference, with ratios of each event 60/70% women and 30/40% men.

Also, we are able enjoy also the beautiful sights of Dubai Marina, Palm, Burj Al Arab.

We can talk about our hobbies, passions, business, networking... after all the Latins were saying "In Vino Veritas"ย 
This is a group for anyone interested in Yacht Chartering, good company, networking, creative ideas, drinks and.. a little party. All men and women of any age are welcome. A selection to keep balance will be performed at every event.

Are you new in Dubai and want to have a tour with beautiful sights and interesting people? Are you long time in UAE and you have ideas and inspirations you want to share or get opinions about it?ย 
Do you enjoy eating and drinking with nice company?ย 
Just book your seat and enjoy the event-by-event theme wine selection and get the talk and laughing going!
The price for the various events vary depending on what kind of F&B is arranged. Always best value-for-money solutions are chosen.

Let the networking begin!

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