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49th meetup - geospatial big data
Our 49th meetup goes into depth on large geospatial datasets in our traditional format. For this topic, TomTom is so kind to not only host us, but also provide the 1st presentation. Rockestate tackles the second. Promising!!! 1/ MapMapReduce: Managing Big Geospatial Data (TomTom) TomTom is handling large volumes of geospatial data. The shape of this data poses some unique challenges but also some opportunities to exploit when it comes to distributed processing. In this talk we will shed some light on the data processing pipeline we have built and do a deep dive into geo spatial indexing on top of HBase. 2/ Building a 3D model of EACH building in Flanders (Mathieu Carette, Rockestate) Processing big point cloud datasets: more and more cities, regions and countries gather point cloud data through airborne Lidar sensors. We'll explain what is point cloud data, discuss Flanders' large point cloud dataset and the challenges that pose the task of computing a 3D model for each building in Flanders. Agenda 19h30 doors 20h00 1st presentation 20h45 break 21h00 2nd presentation 21h45 networking

TomTom Ghent

Gaston Crommenlaan 4 · Gent

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