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Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA)
Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA)
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Mercado San Agustin

100 S. Avenida Del Convento · Tucson, AZ

How to find us

Parking area across from front entrance of the Mercado

Location image of event venue



Come a little earlier for meet and greet, wheels rolling at 5:30am. Do not sign up for this ride if you're not comfortable riding on the roads. Bring 2 water bottles or a hydration pack, as the water stops are far apart.

We'll turn right onto Congress (http://d.7769domain.com/r/rd.html?#http%3A%2F%2F7769domain.com%2FAd%2FGoIEx2%2F%3Ftoken%3DWCtDQW94L0I0Q0FJMVpZakdtU3Nsb3RmdnRBbmhDWnU0TWcrRHd1dmlKd2hpTzJLQXJDa2RzZmxGRExRcGJzek1vUTB3ZlNPRktTNDJkTG5OYUJWTTVmb2ljU3A1bmMxMi94SjE5WmtJalpkeUEwaDhhbThGc241Zm5veTY3ODYvK3E4cmFjTFJpSnhSdEZ4UTFTNXVNeU15UUc5Mm1QcjBXTCtXRWlsWXBjPQ2) rd, right again onto the bike path. Cycle down it until we meet Valencia Rd, then right onto Valencia. At Mile 9, we'll stop at the McDonald's for water refills. Continue until Ajo Rd, turn left then right at Sandario Rd. This is a long haul, but we'll stop at Mile 35 at the Giant Gas Station for water refills ( just past W Picture Rocks Rd.) Continue till W Twin Peaks Rd, turn right, then up Rattlesnake Pass then right into N Silverbell Rd. At Mile 44, we'll stop at the QuickMart, then continue on Silverbell Rd, make a left into El Camino Del Cerro, right into the north end of Christopher Columbus Park. This will be our last stop before we get onto the Santa Cruz Bike path and continue all the way back to Congress Str and back to the Mercado.

For a map (http://d.7769domain.com/r/rd.html?#http%3A%2F%2F7769domain.com%2FAd%2FGoIEx2%2F%3Ftoken%3DSVpHR1pPRjQ5cjMwK1E1b3NhUVdYUjVYVzI2MnN4TE5SS2w2SURxM2R3cVNRV3hnQ0U5Q3M3NU0xMEpBODl1TExyRFVRU2d2YUd3N3NtKzNMVWRkMThOSzkzc2tPbEU3cFpiTFJmYjlXeW9Yc2o4T3FrYTJybnN1NFZuVjUxU29tZlJoaWZvLy92TGZ5Q1oyQmVrLzZ3), cue sheet and elevation change see:


This will be a C to C+ paced ride (rolling average of 12-15) covering 59 miles with an elevation gain of 1025

If you sign up for the ride and are running a couple of minute’s late call me on my cell[masked] and we will wait. This is a social ride, lots of conversations, and regroupings we will not drop anyone. If you are looking for a high paced training ride, this is not it.

Ride Coordinator: Noni Davis


• Food & fluids for 4 hours - 2 24oz Bottles or Hydration Pack.
• Bring a tube/patch kit and a way to inflate.
• Be sure your bike is in good mechanical condition (https://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/242806723/?rv=md1).
• CPSC approved helmets must be worn at all times while riding.
• No ear buds! This is a safety requirement; not a request.

If you are riding on this ride I ask that you agree that:

• You will obey traffic (http://d.7769domain.com/r/rd.html?#http%3A%2F%2F7769domain.com%2FAd%2FGoIEx2%2F%3Ftoken%3DSVpHR1pPRjQ5cjMwK1E1b3NhUVdYUjVYVzI2MnN4TE5SS2w2SURxM2R3cUthZDlzM2x2bEI3Zm9XR01PUFVQM0JtWkRNZ1NCbDIyNFA1YUdYem9RUnZCNlkySm5mWStlcDBDZ3NZZURUR3A1a3N0WENVR3BxZmh2cnIyME9uVWdxNXdBZ004Z3g1d1BrSFNyUnA2TGdP) laws. Drive your bike as you would your car.
• You are a representative (https://www.meetup.com/bikegaba/events/242806723/?rv=md1) of the greater cycling community and will therefore conduct yourself appropriately.
• You will represent GABA well.
• While on the Loop, you will respect others on the Loop. You will take care when passing pedestrians and other cyclists: ring your bell or call out "Passing" or "Good morning!" before passing
• This is not a "training" or "intensive" ride - this is a social, no drop, base building ride.
• If any of these standards are unclear, you will ask for clarification.

• route subject to change based upon the ride leader getting lost :-)