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Tuesday Ride West side with breakfast C/2/32
We will meet at in the parking lot in front of the Crying Onion Cafe. NE corner of Orange Grove and Thornydale Wheels rolling at 8:00 AM. We will go north on Thornydale and get on the CDO bike path. We will ride it to Catalina State Park. We will continue on the CDO to Tangerine then ride down La Cañada to the Rillito Bike path back to the Crying Onion. If you are interested in having breakfast after the ride we will be stopping at the Crying Onion. this ride will have an end of ride average of 12-14 MPH over 32 miles For a map, cue sheet and elevation change see: If you sign up for the ride and are running a couple of minute’s late call me on my cell[masked] and we will wait. This is a social ride, lots of conversations, and regroupings we will not drop anyone. If you are looking for a high paced training ride, this is not it. Ride Coordinator: Bob Willman Bring: • Food & fluids for 3 hours - 2 24oz Bottles or Hydration Pack. • Bring a tube/patch kit and a way to inflate. • Be sure your bike is in good mechanical condition. • CPSC approved helmets must be worn at all times while riding. • No ear buds! This is a safety requirement; not a request. If you are riding on this ride I ask that you agree that: • You will obey traffic laws. Drive your bike as you would your car. • You are a representative of the greater cycling community and will therefore conduct yourself appropriately. • You will represent GABA well. • While on the Loop, you will respect others on the Loop. You will take care when passing pedestrians and other cyclists: ring your bell or call out "Passing" or "Good morning!" before passing • This is not a "training" or "intensive" ride - this is a social, no drop, base building ride. • If any of these standards are unclear, you will ask for clarification. • route subject to change based upon the ride leader getting lost :-)

Crying Onion Cafe

3684 W Orange Grove Rd Ste 156 · Tucson

What we're about

Based in Tucson, GABA ( is the oldest and largest bike club in Southern Arizona with over 1300 members! We host, support, and lead Day Rides, legendary centuries, multi-day rides, and rides for families.

GABA is more than just riding a bike. We are also active in the community supporting cycling advocacy, bike safety education, and bike repair. To learn more about GABA ( check out our webpage. Come join us for some adventures on two (or three) wheels!

If you are not already receiving our electronic newsletter, The Paceline, you can sign up HERE ( and there is no charge!

Our recurring signature GABA events include the following. Click on the link to go to the GABA web page for further details on the ride of your interest.


Owl's Head Butte: ( February (

Mt. Lemmon Hill Climb: ( May (

Tumacacori: ( October (

Silverbell: ( November (

Overnight Rides:

Sonoita-Bisbee: ( March (

Luna Lake: ( May (

Trail of the Mountain Spirits: ( September (

All Day Rides will include information about Pace, Terrain, and Distance. They may be coded as follows:


A 20+ mph

B+ 18-20 mph

B 16-18 mph

C+ 14-16 mph

C 12-14 mph

D 8-12


1 Flat

2 Minor Hills

3 Moderate Hills

4 Long Climbs or Very Steep

GABA Ride Types:

Social – No Drop: we ride together two abreast where conditions permit. We often have a sweep rider and no one gets dropped

Re Group: We ride in smaller groups at our own pace and regroup at specified points in the route

Training Ride: The route is posted and all riders need to be self sufficient

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