The Loop from Udall


This is the I didn’t go on the Amtrak 100 ride in San Diego; it’s the Loop 57 ride.

Just as good without the 9 hour car ride to San Diego

C+-2-57, regroup

We will exit Udall Park on the west side and onto the the Pantano Bike Path. We'll continue south on the new Harrison Greenway bike path to Rita Rd and onto the Julian Wash Bike Path. We'll take a quick restroom break at Kolb Rd before we continue west on the path until we pick up the Santa Cruz River Bike Path. There is a nice park along the bike path to take our next short break for snacks and a restroom visit. We will then head north to the Rillito River Bike Path which will take us east to the end of the path at Craycroft and River Rd. and a short break. From there we will ride back to Udall Park via River Rd, Sabino Canyon and Tanque Verde or take Craycroft to Glenn, to Sahuara, to Pima then onto Tanque Verde and back to Udall Park.

Please show up a few minutes early for sign in, I want to be riding by 06:15.

See map and cue sheet at:


• Appropriate food & fluids for about 4 hours.

• Bring a tube and a way to inflate it. Make sure your bike is in good mechanical condition to start the ride.
• Helmets must be worn at all times while riding. No ear buds! This is a requirement and not a request.
• Obey traffic laws and remember you are a representative of the greater cycling community and should conduct yourself that way on the road. Please represent us well.

GABA Ride Types
• Social – No Drop – we ride together two abreast where conditions permit. We often have a sweep rider and no one gets dropped
• Re Group – We ride in smaller groups at our own pace and regroup at specified points in the route
• Training Ride – The route is posted and all riders need to be self sufficient

Please select GABA rides where you are confident that you can ride the posted distance and pace. If you are looking for a different pace or distance contact any GABA Ride leader to request a ride. We LOVE requests!

GABA Ride Codes


• A 20+ mph

• B+ 18-20 mph

• B 16-18 mph

• C+ 15-16 mph

• C 12-14 mph

Mark Sterling Cell[masked]