Vintage Bicycle Ride CBC+/1/25

Hosted by Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA)

Public group


Primarily a vintage bike ride.

All ages, skill levels, and bicycles welcomed.

Enjoy an EZ ride on your vintage ride with other riders. This is not a race.

Receive $1 off beverages when you ride in, and SDMB members always receive 10% discounts.

Launch by 8:00.

• Pace: 12-16 avg
• Terrain: Flat, It's the Loop
• Elevation Gain: under 500ft
• Traffic: Light
• Ride Type: Social – No Drop: we ride together two abreast where
conditions permit.
• Route: Out and Back to the Brewery
• Pit Stops: Regroup at the Loop Shop, and Speedway Rest Stops

Map Link:

Parking: Launch by 8:00.

Arrive early, ABC Quick Checks. Distance and routes will vary.

Ride Coordinator: Philip @[masked]

Check your tire pressure and brakes before each ride. ABC Quick checks.

Please select GABA rides where you are confident that you can ride the posted distance and pace.

When you are looking for a different pace or distance, contact any GABA Ride leader to request a ride. We LOVE requests!

• Food & fluids for 3-4 hours - 2 Bottles
• Bring a tube, GABA patch kit, mini tool, and a way to inflate
• Be sure your bike is in good mechanical condition
• Helmets must be worn properly while riding
• No ear buds! This is a safety requirement; not a request
• Obey traffic laws. Drive your bike as you would your car
• Be a positive roll model for the greater cycling community

GABA Ride Types
• Social – No Drop: we ride together two abreast where
conditions permit. We often have a sweep rider and no one gets dropped
• Re-Group: We ride in smaller groups at our own pace and
regroup at specified points in the route
• Training Ride: The route is posted and all riders need to be self sufficient

GABA Ride Codes:

• A 20+ mph
• B+ 18-20 mph
• B 16-18 mph
• C+ 14-16 mph
• C 12-14 mph
• D 8-12

• 1 Flat
• 2 Minor Hills
• 3 Moderate Hills
• 4 Long Climbs or Very Steep

*Routes subject to change

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