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What we’re about

The way in which we watch programming has changed. We viewers (audience members) are no longer waiting week after week for the next installment - or not just waiting for weekly installments. With the popularity of Netflix, Prime, etc. programs are available to be watched one episode after another. The fact of this allows the viewers to see old series in a new light and to see series which never aired on broadcast tv, plus the added advantage of skipping commercials.

This group is for people who enjoy finding interesting programs and films (such as Stranger Things, or Forever) to watch. For those who may stay up night after night to see all the episodes of Breaking Bad. People who are no longer satisfied with the quality of entertainment being offered on broadcast tv.

I’d like to invite you to join me for some food and beverages while we briefly discuss what we’ve watched recently and we’ll conclude with a short look at new program suggestions.