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Building a Microscope

Photo of Eric Harness
Hosted By
Eric H. and Maria C.


Join us in a multi week hack-a-thon to build BioCurious a fluorescing microscope. The group will be meeting on Wednesday nights, and we expect the project to take 4 or 5 meetings to complete.

We have spent the last year sourcing the parts for this project and we are ready to go forward! We have a laser light source, optics and more.

Week one and possibly two will be designing the microscope and determining what remaining parts we will need and ordering them.

We will then be assembling a functional microscope for use in our lab. This project will be led by Eric Harness, our resident equipment guru.

Price: $10 person & $5 for members

Photo of BioCurious group
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3060 Coronado Dr. Santa Clara CA · Santa Clara, CA