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What we’re about

As technology becomes increasingly integrated with our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, biohackers creatively question fundamental assumptions and expand the boundaries of possibility.

This group meets monthly and explores topics like:

• Home DNA extraction, sequencing and fingerprinting

• Home cell cultures (bacteria, fungal, plant, nematode, insect...)

• 3D printing biological tissue

• directed evolution techniques for terraforming and bioremediation

• insect/non-human consciousness

• traditional fermentation (kombucha, kefir, yogurt, bread, wine, cheese)

• hacking biometric identification systems

• brain-mind enhancement and new drugs

• digital biology and virtual evolution

• Biopiracy (unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted genomes)

• Bioart

I would like to join up with Austin hackerspaces, homeschoolers, and local labs and universities.