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Tired of feeling like we don't have a place where we can just be ourselves? Interested in meeting other like-minded folks who are Bisexual+, Non-Monosexual, Queer-identified or just plain old Bi-friendly?

The goal of this Meetup is to provide a fun, safe space for ALL Bisexual+, Non-Monosexual, Queer-identified and Bi-friendly (including Lesbian, Gay and "Straight-But-Not-Narrow") folks to find out about great Bi-inclusive stuff to do, gather and interact in the New York City Tri-State Area, (including Manhattan the Bronx, Brooklyn Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester County and the Lower Hudson Valley).

Upcoming events (5+)

3rd Thursday BiRequest Meeting

LGBT Community Center

BiRequest is where the Bi+ community meets in NYC! We are bisexual, pansexual non-monosexual, queer-identified folk, and include those who hold no label at all or might be part of the ace community. We meet twice a month on the 1st Monday and 3rd Thursday, from 6-8pm at NYC's LGBT Center (https://goo.gl/maps/5V9rMMTm1qu) in the West Village. The meetings are moderated and focused on a discussion topic that is generated with input from the folks around the circle (nb. we do also hold space for folks who might need to deal with an issue in the moment). We work hard to foster a safe space for non-judgemental peer support while actively valuing racial and gender diversity, sex- & body-positivity, as well as the litany of intersecting identities that folks walk into the room embracing. We welcome spouses and allies to join us at our twice monthly meetings to discuss a topic around issues related to our lived experiences as "the silenced majority" in the LGBTQIATS+ realm. BiRequest (http://www.birequest.org) has existed in one form or another, serving the New York City metropolitan area, since the early 1990's. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the discussion group, we walk over to a restaurant nearby for socializing and more informal discussion. (We have a great relationship with the Good Stuff Diner, and we know folks in our community might be on a budget... The Diner provides separate checks and is understanding of folks who want to sit in community with us or just order a cup of soup or a tea. Big meals are not required.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are also the folks who host the 'no agenda drinks' events on the 2nd Wednesday of every month (we've been doing that since 2016 or so), and the BI+ Movie night, started in 2018, on the 4th Tuesday. Interested in helping create another social events?? Send your ideas to Paul and we'll get to work to build an even stronger bi+ community in NYC. Like what we do, whether you want to meet and talk in person or not, follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BiRequest

Butta' ~ Bi+ Peoples' Munch

Good Stuff Diner

Butta' is a smooth meetup, the Bi+ Peoples' Munch offers a stress-free opportunity for casual conversation and building Bi community over a meal. This is also comprised of folks who attend the BiRequest meeting We expect folks will join us from across the body positive, sex positive, and feminist communities. As Bi+ people, we self identify as Bisexual, Queer, Pansexual &/or Polysexual... We're open-hearted, fluid feeling, "both/and" oriented folk; embracing the diversity of our community. 1st Monday & 3rd Thursdays of every month, 8:15pm - 9:30pm @ The Good Stuff Diner, following the regular BiRequest Mtgs.

Bisexual+ Community: Movie Night

Panera Bread (Union Square)

Hello all bi+ and bi-friendly individuals! Begun in July 2018, we're gathering bi+ folks to see a movie and build supportive community. Every fourth Tuesday of the month. --- As it gets closer to the date, we will update the movie selection here --- --- If we end up at an AMC theater, this info is how that will work --- Every Tuesday AMC sells regular 2D-show tickets for just $5 ! These tickets must be purchased by AMC STUBS Members (free to join) on the same day of the show, and at the theater's box office (wherever we decide to see the show ). *Note: Shows sell out regularly; the earlier in the day that tickets are purchased, the more chance we have of getting seats to the show we want to see. [this was not the case at Lincoln Squ Theater in August, so we have to double check it -- There is an additional $1.75 service fee if a purchase fewer than 3 tickets online or by using the smart phone app; for both you still must be an AMC STUBS member.] Our meeting place will be identified here based on the theater... we'll find someplace that is conveniently located at near.... . It's also a short walk to the screenings at The _______ AMC movie theater on _________. So we have two options for this to work: 1. Buy Your Own Ticket: Join the AMC STUBS program by signing up for free online, then on TUES morning _______date, purchase your own ticket. Once you have your ticket, just show up at the designated meeting place to meet your fellow bi+ movie goers, have a small or large dinner if you're hungry, then we'll walk to the theater together to enjoy the show. - ~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~ 2. Ne is willing to pre-purchase tickets using her AMC STUBS membership (... for you to pay back in cash prior to the movie). For this, you must enter in a comment identifying the movie you want to see BY 9pm on MON, __MONTH__ DDth (this is the day before the show; then Ne will buy tickets early on Tuesday based on the various comments )... Then come to designated meeting place on TUES, JULY 31st, by 6PM to pay Ne, get your ticket, meet the other bi+ movie goers, maybe have a meal if you like, and enjoy the show. The movie title and time will be listed below: *We'll target movies that start within the 7:15-7:45pm range. REMINDER: If you want us to purchase your ticket, you MUST let us know your movie selection a day in advance by commenting in this event. . Sorry, no "day-of" requests. If we purchase a ticket for you and you don't show up, you owe us for the cost, regardless. (Please don't make us chase you down.) We look forward to your presence and constructive criticism/helpful ideas as this is a new event for the group. In celluloid we trust, Ne and Paul

4th Tuesday Westchester Bisexual Discussion & Support Group

Come join your peers from Westchester County and the surrounding areas (hello Bronx, Connecticut, Orange and Putnam Counties) in a lively, friendly, facilitated discussion group (http://www.loftgaycenter.org/bisexualgroup.html) for men, women, genderqueer, transgender, and not-quite-sure people, as well as people who fall on different places along the monogamous to polyamorous dimension, as long as you inhabit the space between totally straight and totally gay somewhere (i.e., bisexual, bi-curious, questioning, queer, “I don’t label myself,” bi-friendly or some other non-monosexual identity). People who wish to understand their bisexual loved ones are also welcome. This group is for people over 18. It is NOT a hook-up group. As the name says, we meet to talk about bisexual issues. People whose behavior makes other group members uncomfortable will be asked to leave. The group meets at The LOFT (http://www.loftgaycenter.org), the LGBTQ safe space in White Plains, Westchester County (http://www.loftgaycenter.org/location.html), New York at 7:30 PM on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month. Even if you can't always make it to the group meetings in person, please join us on line (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BiDiscussion/), ask questions, chat, make some "net-friends" and keep up with what is happening in the Westchester County and surrounding bisexual community.

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