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Bi Visibility Day Open Mic

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Bi Writers, Poets & Comedians, Musicians & Singers, Artists & Photographers, express yourself & be visible! Everyone else is invited to listen in. Bring your friends. Themes are bi visibility and celebrating bisexuality, so be your fierce bi self! Sign up sheet to perform at the door: first come, first serve. Everyone has 5 minutes.

$5 entry (pays the rent & donates to the Bi Writers Assoc.) No one will be turned away.

We would love anyone who plans to perform to announce it here--just post it in the comments below!

Equipment: If you need anything besides a mic, contact Sheela at the Bi Writers Assoc. ( as soon as possible and let me know what equipment you need and why. The Bureau only has one mic but you can bring in one of your own and plug it in.

Note: Our definition of bi or bi+ includes bisexual, pansexual, fluid and many other identity words that imply emotional and/or sexual attraction to more than one gender.

Host: Sheela Lambert is director of Bisexual Book Awards & Bi Writers Association, the event sponsors. Her book, Best Bi Short Stories, is the only book of bisexual short stories in the world. Best Bi Short Stories was a triple finalist: shortlisted by the Lammys, Rainbow Book Awards and the Bisexual Book Awards. She also runs the Bi Book Club which meets monthly at BGSQD.

208 West 13th Street, between 7th & 8th Avenues · New York, NY