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This group is for Israeli enthusiasts of Bitcoin, the world's first decentralized digital currency.

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Bitcoin and Renewable Energy Meetup

Bitcoin emBassy

Bitcoin and Renewable Energy Meetup

Ignite the spark community and The Israeli Bitcoin Association are happy to invite you to meetup about Bitcoin, the crypto industry and energy consumption -

Did you ever read this headline: “Bitcoin mining energy consumption is equivalent to the energy consumption of a small country”? - In this meetup we will understand, once and for all, if there is any truth in this saying, and if so what are we doing about it?

Shauli Rejwan (Managing partner at masterkey.vc and a co-founder of Israeli crypto and Web 3.0 companies forum)
Will explain how Bitcoin miners decide where to mine according to their economical needs, and what solution the digital currencies industry has to the energy consumption challenge.

Yoni Fishman (Chief Operating Officer greentech.technology)
Will talk about GREENTECH’s immersion cooling technology, heat recovery projects, and how Bitcoin mining can benefit energy companies.

The meetup will take place at the Bitcoin Embassy, Ahuzat Bayit 1 st, Tel aviv on Wednesday, May 31st at 19:00

Come join us and meet the people working for a change in the way we consume energy.