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Bitcoin Lecture - Bitcoin vs. Quantum Money

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18:30-19:00 - Gathering and refreshments
19:00-20:15 - Bitcoin vs. Quantum Money (Or Sattath)
20:15-22:00 - Free discussion

Quantum money is a protocol, in which a mint can issue a quantum state; that state cannot be (efficiently) copied by anyone else; and users can test the validity of the quantum money state. Quantum money requires quantum computers - computers that are based on the laws of quantum mechanics - which do not yet exist, and probably won't be available in the near future.

In this talk, we will describe the first quantum money protocol, discovered by Stephen Wiesner (who now lives in Israel) around 1970(!). Next, we will compare quantum money protocols and Bitcoin: Security guarantees, privacy, flexibility, cost of maintaining security (mining costs), and distributed aspects.

The goal is to investigate the possibility of upgrading Bitcoin to QubitCoin (a quantum version of Bitcoin) in the future, while maintaining some (but not all) of the properties of Bitcoin.

The lecture will be given in English. No prior knowledge in quantum computation will be assumed. However, sSome prior knowledge on the properties of Bitcoin will be assumed.

We would like to start the lecture at 19:00 sharp, so please make an effort to arrive on time, taking traffic into account. From 18:30 you'll have the opportunity to enjoy refreshments and socialize.

As always, the talk will be recorded for those of us who can't attend.

Parking is recommended at the nearby Azrieli Center (7 minutes walk, about 12 NIS for the entire night).