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Tel Aviv Bitcoin Meetup August 2012

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Hosted By
Meni R.


Floor 21

Google would like to know the names of people entering their facilities, so if your profile doesn't have your full name, please contact me and submit it. Otherwise let me know when you arrive and we'll take you to register.

Refreshments will be served. You can donate towards buying food for the event at 1PFcSJRXUSj6BXp4KBK5kKu1p2vmk4ita3.

Copies of the first issue of the Bitcoin Magazine will be sold for a token price of 0.5 BTC. You can pay in advance by sending to 1L2SmeYiXLRGmhhunmFmf9krryX9LnuvK5. Only 7 copies are available, so do not send if you see at that the total received is at least 3.5 BTC.

23 Menachem Begin Road · Tel Aviv-Yafo