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What we’re about

Welcome the Bitcoin Key Club! Whether you are new to Bitcoin or are a diehard Bitcoiner, this club may be for you. We are educationally focused on Bitcoin with a bend towards exploring ways to work towards economic freedom through the use of Bitcoin.

1)      Education: We are here to educate members on the fundamentals of Bitcoin
2)      Networking: We provide an in-person platform for members to meet and interact with other like-minded individuals who share an interest in Bitcoin.
3)      Advocacy: We serve as a promotion for the adoption of Bitcoin and look to raise awareness about its potential benefits, such as decentralization, security, and lower transaction fees.
4)      Investment: As a group, we will provide a forum for members to discuss and share investment strategies, market trends, and other information related to buying and selling of Bitcoin.

1)      NO SOLICITATION: There is no solicitation, period. Anyone who violates this policy will be immediately removed from the group.
2)      No Investment Advice: Member must refrain from giving investment advice to others and must acknowledge that any opinions expressed are their own, and do not reflect the views of the club.
3)      Respectful discussion: Member must engage in respectful discussion.
4)      Confidentiality: Members must respect the confidentiality of any information shared within the group.

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